Thursday, June 18, 2015

Baby Girl Headband Tutorial

My granddaughter had her 1st birthday in February. We made her Thank You gifts to the family and had lots of left over craft supplies so I decided to make her a headband. Below is a photo of her magnet.

Following are the supplies I used:

1. pink tulle 6" wide by 25" long - (I folded it in half and had to trim it some more cause it was too big.

2. 16 1/2" elastic band
3. Pearls and ribbon roses

4. Needle and thread
5. Hot glue gun and glue stick
6. Scissors


1.  I folded the tulle in half then did a gather stitch at the fold.


2.  I sewed the two ends together.

3. Next I sewed the two ends of the elastic ribbon together.

4. Then I sewed the tulle flower onto the sewn side of the elastic ribbon.

5. Next is the fun part, decorating the middle of the tulle flower with pearls and ribbon roses.
I used a hot glue gun for this part and here's the result.

In the meantime I'm waiting for my granddaughter so I can take photos of her with the headband I just made. So after church we come home and I try to get some photos of her. She's not having it but it's so much fun chasing her around the house trying to get some quick shots of her!

 She ran into the hallway where the lighting is not too good.

 In this photo I think she was actually trying to strike a pose!

 I Love this shot of her :)

I was also able to get a top shot of her with her brand new headband.
First headband grandma ever made and more to come
because her mommy plans to make some too!