Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Rose and Heart Themed Birthday Party Decorations For One Year Old Girl

We just celebrated my granddaughter's 1st Birthday on Saturday. This is a One I made for her using silk flower roses. It was used along with a banner of hearts connected together with twin and each heart had a letter that spelled Happy Birthday. I used twine to make the letters and accented each letter with a ribbon rose and a pearl. My granddaughter's name is Rosalee so my daughter wanted to use roses and hearts and have a shabby chic kind of theme.

I used Pinterest to store ideas for Rosalee's birthday party and I had my heart set on this Rose covered 1 from Kara's Party Ideas

Rose One (1)

Below is a close up of one of the hearts we used for her Happy Birthday banner. We used twine for the letters and accented each letter with a silk ribbon rose and a pearl. All the hearts were strung together with twine. It looked absolutely beautiful but we were all so busy running around we didn't take photos of it hanging!

Heart Shape For Happy Birthday Banner

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